The Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial is an Abstract Sanctuary

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
The design of a project like this Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial is a profoundly difficult undertaking. Where the aim is to create the ideal place for people to reflect on the genocide of the Jews during World War II, there is the potential that the architect's vision will conflict with the expectations of the sanctuary's visitors.

Aaron Malmedal and Kevin Kemner worked to strike a balance between the staggering statistics and the tragic personal scale of the events in Europe. Constructed out onto a wooden pier, a cubic glass pavilion was erected and etched with rows and rows of numbers to represent many of the known lives lost.

For a more intimate atmosphere within the transparent 'ark,' the Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial includes a billowing shroud suspended from the ceiling. It reads the names of many victims and represents a veil over an absent corpse, lost to a horrendous end.