Peter Smart Designed a More Practical Boarding Pass

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: petesmart & designtaxi
A boarding pass can be a pain to carry around throughout the airport; its size is unproportioned to most wallets, so you can't place it nicely in them. In addition to not fitting in your wallet, it also is too elongated for your passport. Travellers tend to slide their boarding passes into their passports in order to have them ready to show airport security, but when they place it back in their bags in the same form, the exposed pass gets crumpled or bent.

Peter Smart designed a more practical boarding pass that diminishes those issues that surround today's "modern" boarding pass. His design is simplified and allows the pass to fit perfectly into a passport, while allowing for crucial information to be seen without having to open up the passport. Unfortunately, it's only a concept, but maybe airports will be inspired to adopt the design.