These Bluetooth Headphones are Wirelessly Connected But Linked Together

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: koar & odditymall
One of the major problems with earbud-style Bluetooth headphones is that the tiny components of the headset can get easily locked in pockets, backpacks and purses. Like those childproof mittens connected with a string, these KOAR Bluetooth headphones are always tethered together so the pair is never accidentally divided.

These KOAR Bluetooth headphones allow the wearer to listen to music wirelessly anywhere within the Bluetooth range of their smartphone -- which, depending on the device, can range from 30 to 300 feet away. The Bluetooth headphones can also accept calls, with a built-in microphone allowing the user to talk on the go.

Unlike other models of Bluetooth headphones, the KOAR earbuds will never become separated from each other: an addition which may seem like a step back in technology, but actually preserves a useful feature from a less technically advanced model.