Blue Sky Sodas Are Made From All-Natural Ingredients

 - Jun 5, 2017
References: blueskysoda & packagingoftheworld
The Blue Sky Soda brand is based in New York, and it recently enlisted the creative agency Stag&Hare to design the branding for its products in order to "communicate its unique craft story to a national audience."

While sodas are slowly but surely being edged out in the market for healthier alternatives, the Blue Sky Soda brand wants to ensure that consumers are aware of its use of natural and high quality ingredients in order to better appeal to them. Stag&Hare's rebranding of the company focused on creating cans that reveal a mountainous landscape, which works to give the impression that the brand is more natural than its competitors.

The brand's products are made from pure cane sugar and natural fruit extracts, essences and oils.