Blue Roses

 - Feb 6, 2008
References: suntory &
Roses are red, roses are blue,sSend her both, she'll love you.

Blue roses have been sought after for a long, long time. A Japanese company has finally been successful in creating blue roses. The company who found the winning formula, Suntory, is also a major whisky distiller. It's only logical that they get into the luxury flower business.

If the flowers don't work, the booze will certainly be a hit.


These blue roses are set at an exceptionally high price point, and represent luxury in the flower market. The company has not yet set the exact name or price, but they are slowly expanding into Australia and the US. Although this color rose does not exist naturally in the world, the implantation of specific genes that lead to this pigment in other flowers has introduced this beautiful blue rose to the market.