This DIY Teaches You to Make Breaking Bad's Blue Magic Candy

 - Aug 18, 2013
References: theglutlife & foodbeast
For those wondering if making Breaking Bad's notorious blue magic at home is possible, the foodies over at the Glut Life blog have discovered a way to make faux Blue Magic-inspired crystal meth candy that is not only deliciously sweet, but looks unbelievably close to the real drug.

The process begins with boiling enormous amounts of sugar, corn syrup, water and food coloring together in pot. Once the mixture is boiled, the Blue Magic ingredient -- a pinch of Blue Curacao -- is added. The mixture then needs to be transferred into a flat dish to harden. The combination of the sugar and corn syrup leads the candy to dry with a semi-transparent finish, that looks even more realistic if you sprinkle a small amount of chili pepper to add texture. Once dried, smash up the Blue Magic candy into shards and put it into a crumpled Ziploc to look authentically like the Breaking Bad's illegal substance.