This Blue Light Filter App Protects Your Eyes from Harmful Backlit Screens

 - Mar 17, 2015
Tired days, sleepless nights, strained vision and dark circles could better be avoided with a blue light filter on your gadgets. Most electronic devices with a backlit screens emit a 460 to 480nm range of illumination that impedes melatonin production in you brain, keeping you from getting a good rest and a deep slumber.

Like f.lux, Twilight adjusts the lighting of your display to a warmer tone, eliminating the blue and introducing a red tinge in its place. While the Urbandroid Team's split images demonstrate a noticeable difference between the seemingly white and Twilight-filtered views, the experience of using the tablet and smartphone app is actually quite subtle. Modifying the color according to your local sun cycle, this blue light filter produces a soft and natural glow that's gentle on your eyes in the evening.