The Controversial Blopster Puts the 'Ill' Into 'BP Oil Spill'

 - Jul 21, 2011
References: kotaku
Forgoing subtlety in the name of fun, Blopster is an iPhone game which lets you take control of the eponymous character, an oil-eating bacterium, as he cleans up the disastrous spill caused by an unscrupulous corporation named BP (the initials stand for 'Big and Powerful').

Oil-drenched creatures and radioactive materials will prevent Blopster from reaching his goal of a clean, unpolluted gulf. But what makes this iPhone application so enticing isn't necessarily its gameplay, but its message.

Unlike commercially produced titles, indie games often enjoy relatively short development cycles -- this allows them to be topical with respect to emerging news stories. Although Blopster may seem like a quirky, unique game (which it undoubtedly is), iPhone games and apps have begun to reflect and comment on news developments with greater frequency. Soon enough, you may not get your news analysis from a reporter, but from an iPhone app developer!