Digitized Real Life Actors Make for World’s First Motion Captured Ga

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: depthanalysis & kotaku
The fascinating motion capture technology used in Rockstar Games’ LA Noire has resulted in the world’s first digital blooper reels.

Be warned, given the brutal nature of the video game, this blooper reel contains some NSFW language and dialogue.

LA Noire used a new technology that involved two dozen cameras digitally capturing the facial movements of real life actors to create intoxicating performances normally unseen in video games. Since the game used real life actors in various roles, being human means flubbed lines and funny moments. So, if you’ve never seen video game characters messing up lines, being goofy, laughing at mistakes and flicking their tongues out in embarrassment, then this video is well worth checking out. On a more meta level, it’s simply fascinating to see a digital blooper reel involving real life people in a digital environment. It’s a perfect marriage of technology and performance that’s brought to light in a funny way.