Adena's Patented 'Blonde Hair Removal' Treats Light Hair Colors

 - Apr 7, 2016
Adena's Blonde Hair Removal laser treatment targets the removal of hair that's extremely light in color. Typically, lasers can only selectively target hair follicles that are dark and coarse, leaving those with certain skin and hair colors unable to take advantage of hair removal technology.

This patent-protected Blonde Hair Removal system is exclusive to Adena machine users and specifically treats white, blonde, red and gray hair. Laser clinic Nirvana Beauty takes advantage of this system and describes that "the usual procedure for photodepilation of dark hair is not sufficient for white or blonde hair, due to the fact that these absorb almost no light."

This inclusive and innovative treatment makes it possible for those with light-colored hair to avoid the hassle of waxing, tweezing and shaving just like the rest of laser hair removal candidates with dark hair. Even if the results are not visually dramatic, those with light hair will be able to enjoy smoother skin.