OOIIO Architecture Created a House That Varies in Color and Texture

 - May 30, 2016
References: ooiio & dezeen
OOIIO Architecture, a firm based in Madrid, designed a block house that stacks separate compartments irregularly upon itself.

Each of the blocks has a different color tone and is coated in varying materials that give it contrasting textures. The neutral shades work to complement one another and ensure the block house does not look overly noticeable. This is done through its alternating tones and minimalist yet complex structure, making the house eye-catching but not overbearing on the more traditional homes it sits in between.

The interior of the home uses much of the same colors as the exterior, allowing the stone's lightness to open up the space. A beautiful staircase is at its center, split up by landings that allow it to carry inhabitants up its three storeys. With the irregular stacked boxes, the block house is able to have access to different views while capitalizing on the limited space it needs to work with.