‘Blob' by Vandidoo is a Suspended Money Holder That can be Strung

For those individuals who really just wish that their piggy bank’s legs would actually walk their money over to them at any given point in time, perhaps the ‘Blob’ by Vandidoo is for you. This hanging money holder can be put virtually anywhere so long as it is being held up by its string. It can be hung on plants, inside a closet, on a door handle, on the key rack by the door etc.

The idea behind this miniature design is to make the piggy bank a little more portable within the home so that it is quickly attainable and easily accessible when one wants their money. The design is quite simple, with the money inserted through a hole near its top. Apart from bestowing a little wonder among guests who actually notice the the Blob by Vandidoo, this piggy bank should mold perfectly within any environment, looking like an adorning decoration.