This Illicit Infographic Reveals Illegitimate Hot Commodities

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: financedegreecenter
If you've ever wondered what would constitute a bestseller in the underground market, wonder no further: this black market infographic reveals that body parts, exotic pets, drugs, sperm and crude oil are the main targets for illegitimate spending.

In terms of body parts, the entire human body is valued at over $500 000, the most expensive part easily being the liver (costing an impressive $157,000.) China, India and Pakistan boast the worlds largest organ trade markets.

As for live animals, tigers, elephants, komodo dragons and tortoises are big sellers, but snake venom and rhino horns also sell for exorbitant amounts (upwards of $200,000 per liter of venom, for instance, or $97,000 per kg of horns.)

The infographic offers more fascinating stats on a lecherous, smarmy world of illegitimate substances.