The Black Gran Turismo 6 MM is the Most Expensive Scraper in the World

The Swedish Black Gran Turismo 6 MM is the most expensive ice scraper in the world. The luxury scraper is complete with genuine fur from the Swedish wild Redfox.

Scraping the ice off of windshields is a real chore, so why not perform this task in utmost style? The Black Gran Turismo 6 MM provides both functionality alongside luxe additions that make this a top of the line ice scraper on the market. The RedFox fur provides warmth and a means of easily gripping the scraper. The actual scraper itself is made up of a sharp blade that contributes to the highest scraping efficiency possible. The ergonomic design allows for easy functionality and is crafted to accommodate all hand shapes and sizes.

The Black Gran Turismo 6MM is ice scraping luxury at its finest and is available for order online.