Bjorn Ewers Captures the Vibe With ‘Crowd Surfing' Photo-Series

 - Mar 9, 2012
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Photographer Bjorn Ewers has shot a series of ‘Crowd Surfing’ photographs. Each piece somehow manages to distil the loud, rolling, visceral energy of a throng of hard-partying people into a well composed, motionless picture. Most crucially, Bjorn Ewers captures the essential energy of the crowd within each shot. In short, one feels as though one is at the center of the action while the night is still young -- sans sweat and body odor.

What is perhaps most impressive is that Bjorn Ewers seems to have evaded the often dreaded -- sometimes sought after -- photobomb. It would take keen eyes to find a contrived facial expression, inappropriate pose, or creepy lurker in these photos. Bjorn Ewers has a sharp instinct for timing and composition.