Björk Introduces a New Electronical Music Instrument

 - Apr 10, 2007
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Björk had her debut VOLTA concert tonight in Iceland which you may have heard a few beats from a few days ago when we told you about some material that had leaked on the net. The first single from the Volta album, Earth Intruders, has been made available from today. (Click here to see the lyrics and get access to downloads)

To those expecting something unusual and different, she was no disapointment. As usual and as a true trend setter she goes her own untraditional way in her music (as in style and fashion - remember the swan dress? That did not become a trend though.) This time around, she introduced a new revolutionary electrical instruments that you might see your kids playing with in some years to come. This instrument, Reactable, is developed by a team of digital luthiers at the Music Technology Group at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain.