Bit Bounce Charges Spam Email Senders Bitcoins to Access Your Inbox

 - Jun 9, 2017
References: & producthunt
Bit Bounce is a new service designed to either eliminate spam emails or help you make money off of them. It works by charging unsolicited email senders (those not on a whitelist) Bitcoins. Bit Bounce uses its own coin, known as "Credos." If the sender refuses to pay the fee then the email is sent to an "unpaid" folder. The sender has the option of paying Bit Bounce to have their email sent through, though, with some of that going to the recipient.

Bit Bounce also offers the ability to send emails and get replies from "VIPs." Think high-level VCs and other people an aspiring entrepreneur would send a cold email to. When a user pays the fee the recipient is notified that they have cash waiting on them, pending a reply of course. Once the reply is sent the money is released.