The 'Birthstone Hidden Meanings' Graphic Unveils Surprising Details

 - Dec 11, 2014
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The 'Birthstone Hidden Meanings' chart outlines the connotations of one's monthly gemstone. Wearing your birthstone is meant to bring good luck and good wealth to its wearer. Gemstones were once associated with Zodiac signs, however, birthstones have now developed to be based off of the monthly calendar year.

Each stone is said to be brimming with fabled properties. The peridot, for August babies, is said to signify fidelity, strength, innocence and faith. It is also to be worn to ward off depression and bad nightmares. The diamond, for April babies, is said to be a symbol of purity, innocence and courage as they are the 'tears of god'. Each stone represents a number of different emotional properties.