‘Bird Song with a Found Feather’ by Martin Smith Imitates Chir

 - Oct 7, 2012
References: laikingland & dezeen
The installation ‘Bird Song with a Found Feather’ by Martin Smith generates nature-like sounds.

Intended to be used as an alarm clock, this fascinating device creates a gentle chirping birdsong to wake you. This piece uses a sliding whistle with a mechanical aspect that allows it to be set and activated to go off at specific times. Sounds generated are pleasant in their seemingly natural melodic sounds.

"One lever pumps the bellows, forcing air into the whistle, and the second lever adjusts the slide in the whistle in order to change the pitch and length of the chirp" says Smith on the site. The artistic director of Laikingland incorporates a bespoke analogue timer to make this device more utile. It is interesting to see Bird Song with a Found Feather by Martin Smith as it imitates the beauty of nature.