Cameron Bloom Captures the Adorable Relationship Between Boy and Bird

 - Apr 1, 2015
References: instagram & thisiscolossal
Cameron Bloom is not only a photographer, but the father of a boy who came upon a baby magpie back in 2013; he has since captured the boy-bird friendship over the last couple of years. Utterly adorable, it's magical to see the connection between the two. Affectionately naming the magpie Penguin, the bird friendship has blossomed in ways that no one could have anticipated.

Deeply integrated into the Bloom family, Penguin is free to come and go as she pleases, yet returns back to the home without fail. Showcasing the bird friendship on Instagram, Bloom's account has since become widely popular with nearly 50,000 followers to date. It speaks to a relationship between man and nature that people are constantly drawn to. This bird friendship is nevertheless much more playful and fun.