The Bird Bottle Clip Makes it Easy to Bring Your Beverage on the Fly

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: peleg-design & likecool
How many times have you spilled the contents of your canteen all over important items in your backpack or briefcase? If you're lucky, it's just been once, or perhaps never. The Bird Bottle Clip has been designed so that you don't need to carry water bottles in your bag; you can fasten them conveniently to the straps on the exterior.

Peleg Design has adapted the standard plastic screwable cap by molding a carabiner type of attachment to the top. This has been creatively rendered into the shape of a familiar feathered creature with its beak made to act as a clasp. Pinch the belly and the back of the Bird Bottle Clip together and the loop opens up. Fix it to your person or your effects in whichever manner you like and it will remain leak-free and upright due to upper anchoring and gravity.