The Biophilia Vase Collection is an Extension of the Plants It Carries

 - Oct 23, 2015
References: stoft-studio & fastcodesign
There is something gorgeously organic about the Biophilia Vase Collection. Inspired by plant science, each design is meant to become an extension of the foliage it carries. It is comprised of four different looks so as to complement just about any plant out there.

Designed by Swedish design studio Stoft, the Biophilia Vase Collection begins with Capsula, which is meant to symbolize "the protective seedpod from which everything begins." Then there is the Petalis, a crenulated vase representing the sprouting of a plant or flower. The third design is Truncus, a pitcher that looks like a sprout beginning to branch. And the Biophilia Vase Collection ends with Spore, a tiny vase designed to look like it's resting, waiting to take root elsewhere while also functioning as a small vase for seedlings.