This Bionic Bra Contracts to Minimize Breast Movement

 - Dec 8, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Bionic Bra is a high-tech bra that adjusts to breast movement to provide the perfect amount of support. The bra was developed in response to studies that show that around one in five women avoid exercise because of breast-related issues such as pain, embarrassment about bouncing breasts and not being able to find a well-fitting sports bra. This effectively means 20% of women miss out on the health benefits of physical activity due to breast-related issues and concerns.

The Bionic Bra is integrated with high-tech customized fibers and sensing materials that detect when a women's breasts move more or move faster, and adjust their support accordingly.

The bra is also equipped with so-called 'artificial muscles' that receive messages from sensors, instructing the bra to contract to provide added breast support.

This bounce-resistant bra is currently in prototype stage and looks large and unsightly, but advanced 3D printing technologies mean the final product will be aesthetically pleasing.