The Ignis 'Vitrum L' Bioethanol Fireplace is Ventless for Easy Installing

 - Jan 29, 2016
References: amzn & 7gadgets
Despite homes becoming smaller and thus having a smaller impact on the environment, consumers are still hunting for ways to reduce their carbon footprint like with the Ignis 'Vitrum L' Bioethanol Fireplace.

Using a fuel that's sourced from corn, the Ignis 'Vitrum L' fireplace is ventless in design, so it's easily installed into any kind of home. The clean-burning nature of the fireplace enables it to operate with an open flame indoors without worry about harmful emissions.

Requiring no maintenance such as cleaning or repairs, the Ignis 'Vitrum L' Bioethanol Fireplace doesn't need to be connected to a gas line as it uses refillable canisters. Providing around five to nine hours of clean burning per can, the Ignis 'Vitrum L' fireplace offers a design-conscious, eco-friendly way to enjoy indoor space.