This Bio-Inspired TNT Sensor is Hyper Sensitive

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: onlinelibrary.wiley & fastcoexist
This bio-inspired TNT sensor is modeled after the silk month, who uses its antennae to attract potential mates.

Mother Earth and evolution are a design pair made in heaven. Though humans are a pretty creative species, we have much to learn from our surroundings. The way the sensor works is through a pair of constantly vibrating rods (similar to a moth's antennae). Since TNT gives off a distance chemical trace, when the particle lands on the vibrating pieces, a change is felt and a signal is sent, warning us of the slightest amount of TNT in the vicinity.

This sensor technology is an example of how copying the technicalities of nature can benefit us -- perhaps we can do better to take care of it in return.