Brooks' Bio-Mo-Go Footwear Delivers Earth-Friendly Mojo

 - Apr 22, 2009
References: brooksrunning & easyjog
Brooks, a manufacturer of athletic shoes, has developed and is using a material they call BioMoGo. BioMoGo can biodegrade in roughly 20 years when placed in the landfill. In a true earth-loving gesture, Brooks has made the formula available for other shoe manufacturers instead of patenting the process. By using BioMoGo in its shoes, Brooks estimates that it will save nearly 30 million pounds of landfill waste over a 20-year period.

Don’t worry, the shoes are made with a special nontoxic additive and don’t biodegrade under normal use. They require specific landfill conditions of low oxygen, adequate moisture, and high microbial load to start the biodegradation. So, as long as your closet doesn’t replicate the conditions in a landfill, your shoes will be safe.