Prankster Routes Naughty Content to Moscow Roadside Ad Space

 - Jan 18, 2010
References: & msnbc.msn
Security is on the minds of many as airports tighten their screening systems for travelers, but airport security isn’t the only vulnerable target. While no lives were threatened, Moscow drivers were treated to two-minutes of explicit video content on a 27 ft. electronic billboard when a hacker disrupted the scheduled content. "This was an attack by hackers on the computers, as a result of which one of the commercial video clips was swapped for an indecent video," commercial director Viktor Laptev told RIA-Novosti.

The City of Moscow plans to beef up data transmission security as it cannot afford to have one of the Russian capital’s most used roads slow to a crawl because fleshy escapades are being illicitly displayed during rush hour. It’s a reminder that there are many ways for security breaches to disrupt an orderly society.