The TurnCycle is a Bike Turn Signal That Features Intuitive Software

 - Nov 17, 2015
References: & thegadgetflow
The standard hand signals are an essential means of letting drivers and other cyclists around you know what your next move will be, but to help increase the clearness of your gestures the TurnCycle is here to help be the first bike turn signal to incorporate intuitive technology.

While other bike turn signals on the market might require you to press buttons to select the blink required, the TurnCycle is innovatively designed to work automatically; all you need to do is do the signal with your arm.

With the TurnCycle bike turn signal, extending your left arm straight out to the side will activate the left turn signal, upwards for the stopping signal and down for the right turn signal.

The TurnCycle works by connecting the turn signal to the wearers included wristband via Bluetooth; when activated, the device will make an audio sound to confirm it's working and operate for 25-seconds.