This Customizable Bicycle Lamp Suits Design-Conscious Homes

 - Mar 3, 2016
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Riding a bicycle represents freedom, fun, fresh air and being a kid again. Why not bring this feeling home with a bicycle lamp? This Industrial Kid desk lamp gives the same fresh and sporty spirit to rooms and life.

Industrial Kid’s bicycle-inspired contemporary design lamps offer consumers the chance to participate in the creative process. Desk lamps made from bicycle parts are combined with the soft touch of wood to create a special atmosphere at home or in the office. Each piece is unique because individual owners can customize their lamps by playing with the colors of the spare parts.

Spare parts such as brake levers, grips, Bowden cable housing and stems are available in 10 different colors to complement any interior. The site allows you to combine your favorite colors for an even more personal experience. The economic LED bulb can be switched on and off with a gentle pull of the brake levers.

Designer Peter Belso says: "I designed the very first desk lamp when my daughter started school. Some friends asked me to do the same for their kids so I started to make them in different colors." In the aim of sharing this innovation with a design-conscious audience, Peter founded Industrial Kid with two friends to improve the original design and launch the bike desk lamp internationally.

The bike desk lamp is available on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Thanks to the interest of the backers Industrial Kid raised 46% on the goal in a week. The campaign will run until 8 April, 2016.