The Bigoteen Series Captures Proud Mustached Puberty Moments

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: espeche & whitezine
While some people might cringe at the thought of all through extreme mustaches sighted during Movember, the Bigoteen Series captures something even more cringe-worthy: pre-pubescent mustaches. The shadow of a mustache on a tween boy's upper lip is always an awkward sighting.

Conceived by Thiago Espeche and photographed by Juan Salvarredy in collaboration with Beyro Diego and Javi Salvarredy Lawrence, the Bigoteen Series has a retro appeal to it as well. With bowl-cut hairstyles, vintage wallpaper backdrops and hand-me-down outfits, the 12-year -old boys are captured in a decisively unflattering light. Nevertheless, the photo shoot makes up for it through youthful humor.

The masterminds behind the Bigoteen Series are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.