The 'Big Germ on Campus' Infographic Checks Out Slimey Students

Anyone who has lived in a university or college dorm knows that personal hygiene isn't always the number one priority for all students, but if you've ever wondered how dirty dorm room furniture actually is, the 'Big Germ on Campus' infographic is here to answer all your dust bunny inquiries.

You might not be surprised to find out that boys carry almost twice as much bacteria than girls, and over double the amount of yeast and mold. What is surprising, though, is how much the different lengths of time you spend sleeping affects the level of bacteria in your pillow and mattress, with eight to nine hours resulting in the smallest amount.

After reading the 'Big Germ on Campus' infographic, I'm definitely going to think twice about crashing at a friend's dorm room, and might opt for carrying around my own pillow and blankets!