The BETA5 Chocolate Plant Sculptures are Edible

The BETA5 Chocolate Plant Sculptures appear almost too realistic to eat. The Vancouver-based chocolatier BETA5 has released these limited-edition treats for Mother’s Day: a perfect gift that the whole family can enjoy. Each sculpture is handcrafted by co-owner and pastry chef Adam Chandler. The gorgeous sculptures showcase and highlight Chandler’s skill and creativity. 

Inspired by the theme ‘Signs of Life,’ these chocolates exuberate the rebirth of spring. Only using the finest ingredients, each treat is filled with chocolate-covered marcona almonds, pistachios and sun-dried cherries and then painted with colored cocoa butter. The best part is that the entire thing is edible, including the pebbles (organic kamut) and the "wooden" planter, which is made entirely out of chocolate. Salivating yet?