ax-water's Berry-Infused Water Provides Functional Benefits

 - Sep 6, 2018
References: drinkaxwater & prnewswire
ax-water makes a variety of aronia berry-infused water beverages, which were recently rebranded to better communicate the ability of the products to help consumers looking for a daily antioxidant solution. According to ax-water, the "aronia berry is the new superberry," as it has functional benefits to support everything from reduced inflammation and heart health to digestion. As compared to blueberries and pomegranates, the aronia berry boasts three times the antioxidant content, yet it is an ingredient that is fairly new to the Western world.

The all-natural infused water beverages are low in calories and sugar, yet help to nourish and hydrate the body with refreshing flavors like Lemon, Blackberry + Pear and Black Tea.

Functional antioxidant drinks offer consumers convenient nutrition, the ability to effortlessly combat the effects of free radicals and boost recovery.