Aymeline Valade Stars in Bergdorf Goodman Magazine's Pre-Fall 2014

Aymeline Valade looks positively statuesque in the 'A Tall Tale to Tell' editorial for Bergdorf Goodman Magazine's Pre-Fall 2014 issue.

Valade is larger-than-life in this spread; so large, in fact, that the exotic, cave-like rooms the shoot took place in can barely contain her effervescent personality and regal stature. Of course, being dressed in fabulous couture duds is a guaranteed posture-fixer-upper for any girl. I mean, who could stand to slouch while dressed in the exquisitely tailored pieces from the luxury retailer's Pre-Fall collection? Fashion editor Emma Sanchez had the difficult job of choosing what Valade would wear from the extensive collection. It's hard to go wrong with such immaculate offerings, but I think she did an immaculate job.

Arnaud Pyvka photographed Valade looking like a tall drink of water.