The Berg Meister Wolf Fire Station is Unconventional

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: & contemporist
If you were driving past the Berg Meister Wolf fire station in Margreid, Italy, you would probably think nothing of it at first. However, once you discover its purpose and architectural design, you will likely stare up in astonishment.

Designed by the architects of Berg Meister Wolf, this peculiar building serves as the local volunteer fire brigades' headquarters. The station was constructed by drilling three chambers into the side of the mountain. Potential falling rocks and landslides are prevented by an enormous concrete wall resting parallel to the land. The interior where the trucks and volunteers are stationed have been outfitted with unassuming materials like wood and steel. The cavern walls have been plastered over to soften the harsh rocky surface.

To conserve prime agricultural land, the community decided to construct this station into the rocks. The Berg Meister Wolf fire station is a real-life bat cave that will have passing citizens exclaiming, "holy smokes Batman!"