The Art of Benoit Ladouceur is Breathtakingly Amazing

 - May 15, 2010
References: bladfx & cretique
Benoit Ladouceur is an amazing artist that specializes in digital art. Benoit Ladouceur's art looks realistic and is one of those portfolios that has the ablilty to touch the soul, whether in a scary or romantic way.

Look at the Joker-inspired image by Benoit Ladouceur above, and look at how she stares right into your eyes--scary? Yes, that picture managed to send a shiver down my spine, as well as the cannibalistic one. But then there are Benoit Ladouceur's more romantic pieces, which carry a 'Moulin Rouge' theme or depict a city scene.

See Benoit Ladouceur's art above and get inspired.