Bendi is the Easiest Way to Enjoy Nano on the Road

 - May 2, 2011
References: ipevo & ipevo
Bendi is a unique, bendable iPod Nano Audio Connector from IPEVO that mounts your iPod Nano 6G to your car or home stereo via the standard 3.5mm auxiliary input. Much stiffer and shorter than conventional audio cables, Bendi solves the problem of where you put your Nano when you have it plugged into your stereo. By essentially mounting Nano in a convenient fixed place, Bendi makes the device easy to operate and view on the road.

That alone might be enough for anyone tired of hassling with audio cables in the car, but there are other reasons to get the Bendi iPod Nano Audio Connector. Gold-plated connectors ensure optimal sound, and inverted cone-shaped grips make Bendi easy to plug and unplug. Plus, you get two Bendis of varying lengths, not just one, to give you options for your setup. Give your tangled, messy cables a rest and simplify your drive with the Bendi iPod Nano Audio Connector.