Keep Track of Your Things with the Night Journey Belt Bag from NastyGal

 - Aug 19, 2013
References: nastygal
The Night Journey belt bag from NastyGal is the perfect purse to carry your belongings on a night out to a bar or club.

The bag is a striking red and is made out of vegan leather. When going out with friends it’s extremely easy to get distracted and misplace important items like your purse—which holds your beloved ID and drink money. To ensure your pouch stays with you at all times, this fashionable belt bag can be viewed as a chic fanny pack. The satchel hooks onto your stylish red with gold accents belt, so it’ll never leave your side. For days when you’re just dressing up an outfit with the cute belt, or you’re using the clutch as a mini wallet, the two are detachable.

The belt bag is a sure way to maintain style while still keeping track of valuable items.