These Belesana Antiage Center Ads Show Men With Young Mistresses

 - May 4, 2011
References: advertlover & adsoftheworld
"Let Your Husband Date A Younger Woman" has become the slogan for the Belesana Antiage Center. The advertising series features three photos that show substantially older men with younger, strikingly beautiful women by their sides who are evidently not their wives.

The ads are set in either a sports car, a boat or a limosine -- three locations synonymous with both youth, wealth and mid-life crises. The captivating ads home in on those things that lie at the core of aging -- insecurity, and the need to recapture your youth. By virtue of this, they possess all of the elements of a successful ad campaign: humor, truth, controversy, brilliant photographs and an effective slogan.

While some may feel the ads by the Belesana Antiage Center shed a negative light on aging and encourage adultery as the solution to a mid-life crisis, these forward-looking ads shed light on the truth that is the hardship of aging and are an effective and innovative way to promote anti-aging products.