More Garbage as Art

 - Mar 23, 2008
References: cooladdict
Artist Paul Villinski takes these empty cans, or "dead soldiers" as he puts it, from the streets of New York City to create butterflies that are each unique so on generation's trash will be another generation's treasure. They are so fragile and hung up so delicately that a small breeze will make all the butterflies from the piece seem as if they were fluttering in the wind. Now you can either think this is could be the most tranquil artwork ever, but if you are afraid of insects, then it might not work out so well for you. Jokes aside, I believe that being able to take used beer cans from the streets of New York, where even rats find the streets to dirty, and make artwork so compelling and tranquil is a pretty great feat. It is great to think that someone's trash could be another person's treasure. Although, if you do put it that way, that just means that Paris Hilton will be treasured in the future.