The Bee Chair Offers a Honeycomb Texture for Increased Comfort

 - Feb 6, 2012
The simple stackable chair is underrated. It's light, convenient to store, comfortable and easily enhanced with a some imagination. The Bee Chair by Vasiliy Butenko is just one demonstration of the magic that this designer can work to produce a piece that is simultaneously delightful and surprisingly simple.

A gentle L-shaped seat sculpts the bottom and the backrest into one smooth form, reminding you of many others that you have seen before, but executed here with a fluent precision. A set of four legs are fastened along the sides of the seat and seem just too thin to support the weight of a sitter.

Where the Bee Chair by Vasiliy Butenko really charms is in the contemporary upholstery. A spongey hexagonal pattern protrudes from the soft surface to produce a whimsically iconic quality.