These Bedside Table Lights Look Like Gigantic Gummy Bears

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: foodiggityshop & foodiggity
Offering a candied design interpretation to a bedside table light are these adorable Gummy Bear Night Lights by Food Diggity that are ideal for children looking for a light source to help them fall asleep. The lamps are shaped like gigantic candied bears complete with a transparent colored glass that gives off a soft, ambient glow as children try to fall asleep at night.

Gummy bears offer a sense of comfort to most children that enjoy the treats as a popular sweet snack. These night lights draw on the candy's positive imagery as a source of design inspiration. The lights feature a transparent blue, purple or pink teddy bear body with a light source located in the bear's belly. When the light is switched on, it provides a soft colored glow to the room.