This Bedroll Design Makes it Look Like the Sleeper is a Real Grizzly

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: cargocollective & thedodo
The Great Sleeping Bear bedroll design is the ultimate form of camouflage when camping as the bed is creatively designed to look like a grizzly bear. The outside of the bed is covered in a faux fur with the top head rest shaped like the bear's head so when the user is sleeping, they look like a fearful bear hibernating.

Unlike a conventional sleeping bag that often is minimalist in design, The Great Sleeping Bear takes the aesthetic to the next level. The sleeping bag features a salmon pink interior topped with a furry brown exterior. The top portion of the bed zips up around the sleeper's head covering them in a plush bear mask.

While The Great Sleeping Bear may seem more so a novelty product, it does look extremely warm and comfy. Each purchase is also made custom to order.