The Become Career Infographic Compares Geeks and Hipsters

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: becomecareer & becomecareer
In this Become Career infographic entitled 'Geek vs. Hipster,' viewers can see a funny comparison of the two styles.

Become Career has depicted hipsters as "dismissive" individuals who comb through mainstream media to find quirky appeals that are suitable while living in their vintage world. Geeks are illustrated and described as obsessive but their love is genuine.

In fashion, geeks aren't the trendiest and they're prone to wearing graphic tees, glasses and always sporting a messenger bag full of tech gear. Hipsters are always wearing skinny jeans or cut-offs, vintage attire with chest and facial hair blown out of proportion.

Become Career goes on to compare the two with movies, music and their everyday interests. Take a look at this comparison chart and see whether you fall under the hipster crew or the geek team.