This Hilarious Beauty Parody Makes Light of Our Impossible Standards

 - Aug 5, 2014
References: youtube & jezebel
The folks over at The Onion have created a hilarious yet mildly alarming beauty parody.

Western beauty ideals are often criticized for being narrowly defined and near-impossible to achieve. In an effort to poke fun at the industry, which makes money by breeding toxic insecurities, The Onion created a fake commercial for Maybelline's 'Ideal-Woman' rubber mask, a latex mask that women can wear in lieu of makeup.

The faux-Director of Marketing in the commercial boasts that you can "Forget concealer, powder, blush or mascara. Now you can achieve a look that adheres to the conventional standard of feminine perfection in seconds." While the fictional mask might seem like a good alternative on days when you feel like wearing a paper bag over your head, it's not actually available in stores.