Despite Fragile Materiality, the Beam 11 Bookshelf is Unexpectedly Strong

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: victorjohansson
It might appear as though the Beam 11 Bookshelf is made from a segment of stiff metal, especially since you're observing it under the pressure of a person's weight. Surprisingly, this robustness has been achieved with mere paper, a material that deserves much more credit in construction than it often receives.

Many many folds by designer Victor Johansson give the panel its incredible rigidity to the degree that will remain unbending beneath the mass of a some significantly large items like "someone's girlfriend," as the creator suggests. Iron braces connect near the ends of the little ledge to enable its secure fastening against the wall.

Available in turquoise, fuchsia and grey, the Beam 11 Bookshelf is a wonderfully playful pocket-bookshelf to simply provide additional storage without bringing a weightiness to the wall.