Human Rights HIV Campaign Shows Compassion- Be Like Nobody

 - Mar 9, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
When a person has AIDS, he or she not only has to deal with health issues, they also have to face the judgmental and prejudiced response from the society they live in. From being excluded from social gatherings to being discriminated against at work, the overall social community makes it harder to live with HIV.

This artistic campaign by advertising agency JWT Mexico for the Commission for human rights of Mexico City conveys a wonderful message of tolerance and love. Two little kids play ball with the message, "Somebody lives with HIV. Nobody wants to play with him. Be like nobody."

A successful job interview comes with the line, "Somebody lives with HIV. Nobody wants to hire him. Be like nobody."

And a check up at the doctor's office offers, "Somebody lives with HIV. Nobody feel comfortable treating him. Be like nobody."