Bayo Captures the Depths of Internal Melancholy

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: & beautifuldecay
Bayo is the penname of Mexico-born, Austin, Texas based illustrator Eduaro Flores. Bayo's artwork features an impressive convergence of many dark artistic elements. In this collection of Bayo's work, we see a visual representation of the (sometimes crippling) human psyche, as it goes through the many different and moody elements of a man battling emotional demons.

Bayo's artwork cuts through the tiered and protective subconscious and seems to draw images that accurately represent the weight that many suffering individuals feel. The impressive thing about Bayo's recreation of this internal turmoil is his attention to detail, and ability to use artistic components like strings and tidal waves to capture the mayhem the subconscious feels when it prevents a person from living the life they want to lead.

Bayo's artistic talent has been used by major brands like Nextel, M&M, Adidas, and Puma. His artwork was most recently exhibited by the Stroke Art Fair in Munchen, Germany.

Implications - The recent downturn of the economy has changed the way the art world mixes with corporations. While in previous generations, a talented artist that worked freely with corporations would be considered a 'sellout,' today many artists form partnerships with corporations to release co-branded products. Any company seeking stylistic credibility and products different from those of their competitors, would be wise to invest in an agreement with a respected illustrator or designer to promote co-branded products.