Live Like Bruce Wayne's Alter Ego in the Batman Hotel

 - Oct 16, 2012
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Taiwan pays homage to the vigilante superhero by creating an authentic Bruce Wayne alter ego experience in its Batman hotel.

The rooms of the oddly named Eden Hotel -- most likely suggesting an euphoric stay for the superhero fans -- are decorated based on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight along with a few classic retro touches. For those who miss the retro Adam West Batman, the rooms are plastered with old yellow and black bat symbols as well as the new ones.

A replica of the Tumbler, Nolan's version of the old school Batmobile is available with seating in these cave-like rooms as well. And what kind of billionaire playboy experience would it be if there wasn't a television embedded in the bathroom walls? To live like Bruce Wayne, even for a night in his Batman hotel, can get a little costly however, as these rooms are about $1,000 a night.