Bastian Preussger Provides Viewers with Cerebral Visuals

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: bastianpreussger & blog.thaeger
If you demand more from your visual arts than just pretty faces and provocative bodies, then Bastian Preussger is the artist for you. The Hamburg-based illustrator often renders images that make people reflect on various aspects of lives, rather than simply serving viewers with eye stimulation. Audiences engage with what each piece is saying, making Preussger’s art more worthwhile than the disposable images currently overflowing mainstream media.

Many of Bastian Preussger’s illustrations are also quite humorous. Seeing cops arrest Mario from the Super Mario franchise for reckless driving is a sight gamers would have never thought to see in a million years, and equating the look of hipsters with terrorists is simultaneously edgy and chortle-inducing. Even while being funny, the cerebral aspects of these works are always present, and they’re spectacularly rendered with Indian ink, tea and gouache.